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On this page I will post some chapters of my books, translated into English.  For now : please see the summaries below :








"Kinderen van de Ring" or Children of the Ring is a young adult science fiction novel.  14-year old Kendra Roberts lives in the 25th century, in what is called The Ring : an interconnected series of space habitats in Earth Orbit.  When her father disappears during a solar sailing race in the depths of space, she goes on a quest to find him.  She discovers that the Ring isn't the simplistic paradise she has grown up in, and that there is more to her father than meets the eye.  Why is the mighty Star Corps interested only in covering up his disappearance ? Why are they after Kendra's new found ally, the data shifter CyberMax ? And how is this all linked to the Martian plague, the mysterious disease that is spreading ever faster, threatening the very existence of civilzation ? In a desparate race to the ends of the solar system, Kendra and an unlikely band of allies go in search of the truth. If they are lucky, they will get away with their lives.  If not, the last hope of humankind may be lost.








"De Draken van Atlantis" or The Dragons of Atlantis is a young adult fantasy novel.  On the lost continent of Atlantis, young Bodo is fed up with the boring life in his remote village.  Bodo is a poor Sand Crawler, the lowest caste on Atlantis, and his passionate dream of becoming a Dragon Master seems utterly impossible.  Sand Crawlers are condemned to a life of labor and manufacturing Gurzel, the delicate food of the Fire Dragons, the mighty, highly intelligent dragons that fill the sky over the Capital Lemuria and that are the center of his dreams.  But then the powerful druids select Bodo as a prey for the Dragon Hunt.  From then on, Bodo's life becomes a whirpool of adventure.  He finds himself pitted against the biggest Dragon ever seen.  But which power play is going on among the Chanceries of Atlantis ? And what sinister plans does the evil Nemis have ? Suddenly the fate of Pacem, the Chancery to which he belongs, is in Bodo's hand.  All he can count on are his wit, his girl friend Kyra and... the Dragons of Atlantis